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Watch Repairers

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Watch Repairers

Repair, clean, and adjust mechanisms of timing instruments, such as watches and clocks. Includes watchmakers, watch technicians, and mechanical timepiece repairers.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Integrity
* Analytical Thinking
* Self Control
* Dependability
* Independence
* Initiative
* Concern for Others
* Cooperation
* Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks
* Reassemble timepieces, replacing glass faces and batteries, before returning them to customers.
* Clean, rinse, and dry timepiece parts, using solutions and ultrasonic or mechanical watch-cleaning machines.
* Oil moving parts of timepieces.

Retail Trade

Job Family
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Sample Job Titles
Antique Clock Repairer, Antique Clocks Repairer, Auto Clocks Repairer, Blocker and Polisher, Caser, Chronometer Repairer, Clock Mechanic, Clock Repair Technician, Clock Repairer, Clocksmith, Crowner, Dial Printer, Electric Clock Mechanic, Horologist, Pallet Inspector, Pallet Repairer, Pallet Stone Inserter, Pallet Stone Positioner, Repair Technician, Screwhead Polisher, Time Clock Inspector, Time Clock Mechanic, Time Piece Repairer, Watch and Clock Repairer, Watch Caser, Watch Estimator, Watch Mechanic, Watch Repair Manager, Watch Repair Person, Watch Repair Technician, Watch Repairer, Watch Repairer Apprentice, Watch Technician (Watch Tech), Watchmaker.