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Transportation Vehicle, Equipment and Systems Inspectors, Except Aviation

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Transportation Vehicle, Equipment and Systems Inspectors, Except Aviation

Inspect and monitor transportation equipment, vehicles, or systems to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.

Key Competencies
* Independence
* Integrity
* Cooperation
* Attention to Detail
* Concern for Others
* Dependability
* Self Control
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Stress Tolerance
* Initiative

Representative Tasks
* Inspect vehicles or other equipment for evidence of abuse, damage, or mechanical malfunction.
* Inspect vehicles or equipment to ensure compliance with rules, standards, or regulations.
* Prepare reports on investigations or inspections and actions taken.


Job Family
Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles
Air Brake Tester, Air Brakes Inspector, Auto Inspector, Automobile Tester, Automotive Damage Field Inspector, Automotive Damage Inspector, Automotive Field Inspector, Automotive Inspector, Automotive Technician, Automotive Vehicle Inspector, Brakes Inspector, Bus and Trolley Inspecting Dispatcher, Bus Inspector, Car Body Inspector, Car Examiner, Car Inspector, Carman, Chief Mechanical Officer (CMO), Compliance Analyst, Detector Car Operator, Emissions Inspector, Emissions Testing and Repair Technician, Emissions Testing Technician, Engine Inspector, Equipment Inspector, Inspection Technician, Inspector, Journal Box Inspector, Locomotive Inspector, Maintenance Inspector, Motor Carrier Safety Specialist, Motor Vehicle Inspector, New Car Inspector, Operations Inspector, Public Transportation Inspector, Quality Assurance Inspector, Rail Flaw Detector Operator, Railroad Inspector, Railroad Safety Inspector, Railroad Shop Inspector, Railroad Track Inspector, Safety Engineer, Safety Officer, Signal Inspector, Smog Technician, Station Inspector, Street Car Inspector, Tank Car Inspector, Tank Inspector, Track Inspecting Supervisor, Traffic Inspector, Train Inspector, Transit Vehicle Inspector, Transportation Inspector, Truck Safety Inspector, Tunnel Inspector, Vehicle Inspector, Visual Inspector, Watch Inspector, Way Inspector, Wheel and Axle Inspector, Wheel Inspector.