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Shoe and Leather Workers and Repairers

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Shoe and Leather Workers and Repairers

Construct, decorate, or repair leather and leather-like products, such as luggage, shoes, and saddles.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Independence
* Attention to Detail
* Integrity
* Cooperation
* Initiative
* Innovation
* Achievement/Effort
* Persistence
* Self Control

Representative Tasks
* Construct, decorate, or repair leather products according to specifications, using sewing machines, needles and thread, leather lacing, glue, clamps, hand tools, or rivets.
* Cut out parts, following patterns or outlines, using knives, shears, scissors, or machine presses.
* Cement, nail, or sew soles and heels to shoes.


Job Family

Sample Job Titles
Back Shoe Cutter, Backshoe Person, Belt Maker, Bench Hand, Boot and Saddle Repair Person, Boot Maker, Boot Repairer, Bootmaker, Bottom Cementer, Cobbler, Cobbler Apprentice, Crowning Inspector, Custom Leather Products Maker, Custom Shoemaker, Cutter, Dyer, Finger Cobbler, Footwear Stitcher, Glove Factory Sewer, Hand Bootmaker, Harness Maker, Harnessmaker, Harnessmaker Apprentice, Industrial Sewer, Inspector, Jack, Jackman, Lacer, Last Repairer Helper, Leather Craftsman, Leather Cutter, Leather Lacer, Leather Production Artisan, Leather Production Worker, Leather Stamper, Leather Stitcher, Leather Worker, Leathersmith, Luggage Maker, Luggage Repairer, Mender, Orthopedic Boot and Shoe Designer and Maker, Orthopedic Shoe Maker, Pad Hand, Polish Inspector, Renovator, Repairer, Saddle and Harness Maker, Saddle Maker, Saddle Mechanic, Sample Sewer, Sample Shoe Inspector and Reworker, Seamstress, Sewers, Sewing Machine Operator, Shoe Cobbler, Shoe Cutter, Shoe Designer, Shoe Dyer, Shoe Maker, Shoe Reconditioner, Shoe Repair Cobbler, Shoe Repairer, Shoe Repairer Apprentice, Shoe Repairer Helper, Shoe Repairman, Shoe Stainer, Shoe Stitcher, Shoemaker, Shoemaker Apprentice, Skate Maker, Stain Inspector, Stitcher, Trimming Cutter, Upper Cutter, Western Tack Assembly Line Worker.