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Ship and Boat Captains

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Ship and Boat Captains

Command vessels in oceans, bays, lakes, rivers, or coastal waters.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Leadership
* Self Control
* Stress Tolerance
* Initiative
* Integrity
* Independence
* Persistence
* Attention to Detail
* Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks
* Steer and operate vessels, using radios, depth finders, radars, lights, buoys, or lighthouses.
* Adjust navigation according to weather conditions.
* Dock or undock vessels, sometimes maneuvering through narrow spaces, such as locks.


Job Family
Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles
Barge Captain, Barge Master, Boat Captain, Boat Master, Boat Operator, Boatswain, Canal Boat Captain, Canal Boat Operator, Captain, Charter Boat Captain, Deck Officer, Deep Submergence Vehicle Operator, Derrick Boat Captain, Dock Master, Dredge Captain, Ferry Boat Captain, Ferry Captain, Ferry Terminal Supervisor, Ferryboat Captain, Ferryboat Operator, Fishing Vessel Captain, Harbor Tug Captain, Lighter Captain, Marine Superintendent, Master, Master Mariner, Navigation Officer, Navigator, Oil Tanker Captain, Passenger Barge Master, Port Captain, Relief Captain, River Captain, Riverboat Master, Sailing Master, Scow Captain, Sea Captain, Ship Captain, Ship Master, Shipmaster, Shrimp Boat Captain, Sling Operator, Sloop Captain, Steamboat Captain, Tow Boat Captain, Towboat Captain, Tug Boat Captain, Tug Captain, Tugboat Captain, Tugboat Operator, Vessel Captain, Vessel Master, Water Vessel Captain, Yacht Captain, Yacht Master.