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Sewers, Hand

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Sewers, Hand

Sew, join, reinforce, or finish, usually with needle and thread, a variety of manufactured items. Includes weavers and stitchers.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Dependability
* Independence
* Innovation
* Integrity
* Achievement/Effort
* Persistence
* Initiative
* Stress Tolerance
* Cooperation

Representative Tasks
* Trim excess threads or edges of parts, using scissors or knives.
* Sew, join, reinforce, or finish parts of articles, such as garments, books, mattresses, toys, and wigs, using needles and thread or other materials.
* Select thread, twine, cord, or yarn to be used, and thread needles.


Job Family

Sample Job Titles
Alteration Specialist, Bale Sewer, Baseball Hand Sewer, Beadworker, Casing Sewer, Cloth Bale Header, Couturier, Custom Apparel Specialist, Custom Clothier, Custom Designer, Custom Seamstress, Decorator, Designer, Dressmaker, Embroidery Specialist, Fabric Specialist, Feather Stitcher, Foundation Maker, Hand Finisher, Hand Knitter, Hand Quilter, Hand Sewer, Hand Shoes Sewer, Hand Sole Sewer, Hand Stitcher, Hand Umbrella Tipper, Hand Weaver, Hat Maker, Hat Mender, Hosiery Mender, Knit Goods Mender, Knitter, Lamp Shade Sewer, Mattress and Foundation Sewer, Mattress Finisher, Mattress Sewer, Mattress Specialist, Passementerie Worker, Pelota Maker, Seamstress, Sewer, Sewer Separation Designer, Sewing Alteration Specialist, Stitcher, Thread Marker, Umbrella Tipper.