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Septic Tank Servicers and Sewer Pipe Cleaners

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Septic Tank Servicers and Sewer Pipe Cleaners

Clean and repair septic tanks, sewer lines, or drains. May patch walls and partitions of tank, replace damaged drain tile, or repair breaks in underground piping.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Integrity
* Attention to Detail
* Independence
* Cooperation
* Self Control
* Concern for Others
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Initiative
* Analytical Thinking

Representative Tasks
* Communicate with supervisors and other workers, using equipment such as wireless phones, pagers, or radio telephones.
* Drive trucks to transport crews, materials, and equipment.
* Operate sewer cleaning equipment, including power rodders, high-velocity water jets, sewer flushers, bucket machines, wayne balls, and vac-alls.

Administrative and Support Services

Job Family
Construction and Extraction

Sample Job Titles
Drain and Sewer Technician, Drain Cleaner, Drain Technician, Electric Sewer Cleaning Machine Operator, High Reach Operator, Laborer, Maintenance Worker, Pipe Cleaning Machine Operator, Priming Machine Operator, Public Works Operator, Public Works Technician, Roto Rooter Operator, Septic Cleaner, Septic Pump Truck Driver, Septic Tank Cleaner, Septic Tank Service Technician, Septic Technician, Service Technician, Sewage Screen Operator, Sewer and Drain Technician, Sewer Bricklayer, Sewer Cleaner, Sewer Line Repairer, Sewer Pipe Cleaner, Sewer Technician, Stormwater Technician, Transport Tank Technician.