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School Psychologists

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School Psychologists

Investigate processes of learning and teaching and develop psychological principles and techniques applicable to educational problems.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Dependability
* Persistence
* Cooperation
* Self Control
* Social Orientation
* Concern for Others
* Stress Tolerance
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Initiative

Representative Tasks
* Maintain student records, including special education reports, confidential records, records of services provided, and behavioral data.
* Compile and interpret students' test results, along with information from teachers and parents, to diagnose conditions and to help assess eligibility for special services.
* Assess an individual child's needs, limitations, and potential, using observation, review of school records, and consultation with parents and school personnel.


Job Family
Life, Physical, and Social Science

Sample Job Titles
Assessment Specialist, Autism Consultant, Behavior Specialist, Behavioral Analyst, Behavioral Specialist, Bilingual School Psychologist, Challenging Behavior Consultant, Child Psychologist, Child Psychometrist, Consulting Psychologist, Early Intervention School Psychologist, Educational Diagnostician, Learning Consultant, Preliminary School Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychometrist, School Psychological Examiner, School Psychologist, School Psychology Specialist, School Psychometrist.