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Examine and diagnose disorders and diseases using x-rays and radioactive materials. May treat patients.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Concern for Others
* Dependability
* Analytical Thinking
* Achievement/Effort
* Integrity
* Self Control
* Persistence
* Stress Tolerance
* Cooperation

Representative Tasks
* Review or transmit images and information using picture archiving or communications systems.
* Obtain patients' histories from electronic records, patient interviews, dictated reports, or by communicating with referring clinicians.
* Prepare comprehensive interpretive reports of findings.


Job Family
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Sample Job Titles
Attending Physician, Attending Radiologist, Diagnostic Radiologist, Diagnostic Radiologist, Active Staff Physician at Community Hospital, Interventional Neuroradiologist, Interventional Radiologist, Neuroradiologist, Nuclear Radiologist, Pediatric Radiologist, Physician, Radiologist, Radiologist and Vascular Internationalist, Radiologist Diagnostic, Radiologist Physician, Radiologist Technologist/Mammographer/Densitometry, Radiologist, Chief of Breast Imaging, Radiology Resident, Resident in Diagnostic Radiology, Resident Physician in Radiology, Staff Radiologist, Teleradiologist, Therapeutic Radiologist, Vascular Radiologist, Veterinary Radiologist.