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Plant and System Operators, All Other

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Plant and System Operators, All Other

All plant and system operators not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Job Family

Sample Job Titles
Asphalt Plant Operator, Batch and Furnace Operator, Batch Plant Operator, Batcher Operator, Bulk Plant Operator, Cement Boat and Barge Loader, Charge Machine Operator, Chief Lock Tender Operator, Coal Pipeline Operator, Concrete Batch Plant Operator, Control Board Operator, Fire Tender, Forming Process Worker, Garbage Stoker, High Pressure Firer, Incinerator Attendant, Incinerator Operator, Irrigation System Operator, Lime Filter Operator, Lock Tender, Panelboard Operator, Pressure Controller, Recovery Operator, Rolley, Rolling Attendant, Sand Plant Attendant, Ventilation Equipment Tender, Wastewater Treatment Plant Attendant, Watershed Tender.