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Cover interior walls or ceilings of rooms with decorative wallpaper or fabric, or attach advertising posters on surfaces such as walls and billboards. May remove old materials or prepare surfaces to be papered.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Dependability
* Initiative
* Integrity
* Self Control
* Independence
* Stress Tolerance
* Persistence
* Cooperation
* Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks
* Smooth strips or sections of paper with brushes or rollers to remove wrinkles and bubbles and to smooth joints.
* Check finished wallcoverings for proper alignment, pattern matching, and neatness of seams.
* Trim excess material at ceilings or baseboards, using knives.


Job Family
Construction and Extraction

Sample Job Titles
Advertising Installer, Bill Board Poster, Bill Poster, Bill Poster Installer, Billboard Poster, Hanger, Interior Decorator, Paperhanging, Paper Hanger, Paperhanger, Paperhanger and Painter, Paperhanger Apprentice, Vinyl Hanger, Vinyl Installer, Wall Covering Contractor, Wall Covering Installer, Wallcovering Hanger, Wallpaper Hanger, Wallpaper Installer, Wallpaperer.