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Musicians and Singers

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Musicians and Singers

Play one or more musical instruments or sing. May perform on stage, for on-air broadcasting, or for sound or video recording.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks

Other Services [Except Public Administration]

Job Family
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media

Sample Job Titles
Accompanist, Baritone, Bassoonist, Bugler, Cellist, Choir Member, Church Organist, Clarinetist, Concert Pianist, Concert Singer, Double Bass Player, English Horn Player, Flutist, Guitar Player, Guitarist, Harpist, Horn Player, Instrumentalist, Musician, Oboist, Opera Singer, Organist, Percussionist, Pianist, Piano Player, Piccoloist, Rapper, Soloist, Tenor, Timpanist, Trombonist, Trumpet Player, Trumpeter, Violinist, Violist, Vocalist.