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Mail Clerks and Mail Machine Operators, Except Postal Service

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Mail Clerks and Mail Machine Operators, Except Postal Service

Prepare incoming and outgoing mail for distribution. Use hand or mail handling machines to time stamp, open, read, sort, and route incoming mail; and address, seal, stamp, fold, stuff, and affix postage to outgoing mail or packages. Duties may also include keeping necessary records and completed forms.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Self Control
* Dependability
* Attention to Detail
* Cooperation
* Stress Tolerance
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Initiative
* Independence
* Concern for Others

Representative Tasks
* Wrap packages or bundles by hand, or by using tying machines.
* Weigh packages or letters to determine postage needed, using weighing scales and rate charts.
* Verify that items are addressed correctly, marked with the proper postage, and in suitable condition for processing.

Administrative and Support Services

Job Family
Office and Administrative Support

Sample Job Titles
Addressing Machine Operator, Addressograph Operator, Advertising Inserter, Canceling Machine Operator, Dead Mail Checker, Direct Mail Clerk, Direct Mail Coordinator, Distribution Clerk, Envelope Sealer Operator, Express Clerk, Folding Machine Operator, Hand Inserter Operator, Inkjet Operator, Insert Operator, Inserter Operator, Inserting Machine Operator, Mail Associate, Mail Caller, Mail Censor, Mail Clerk, Mail Distributor, Mail Handler, Mail List Librarian, Mail List Processor, Mail Machine Operator, Mail Opener, Mail Processor, Mail Reader, Mail Room Clerk, Mail Service Coordinator, Mail Sorter, Mail Technician, Mail Weigher, Mailer, Mailer Apprentice, Mailing Clerk, Mailing Jogger, Mailing Machine Assistant, Mailing Machine Helper, Mailing Machine Operator, Mailing Specialist, Mailroom Assistant, Mailroom Associate, Mailroom Clerk, Mailroom Supervisor, Office Copy Selector, Packaging Clerk, Packaging Specialist, Parcel Post Clerk, Pneumatic Tube Operator, Postal Clerk, Radio Message Router, Registered Mail Clerk, Sealing and Canceling Machine Operator, Slot Tag Inserter, Trust Mail Clerk, Tube Operator, Tube Station Attendant, Wing Mailer Machine Operator, Wrong Address Clerk.