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Logistics Engineers

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Logistics Engineers

Design or analyze operational solutions for projects such as transportation optimization, network modeling, process and methods analysis, cost containment, capacity enhancement, routing and shipment optimization, or information management.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Analytical Thinking
* Integrity
* Dependability
* Cooperation
* Persistence
* Initiative
* Achievement/Effort
* Stress Tolerance
* Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks
* Review contractual commitments, customer specifications, or related information to determine logistics or support requirements.
* Determine logistics support requirements, such as facility details, staffing needs, or safety or maintenance plans.
* Propose logistics solutions for customers.


Job Family
Business and Financial Operations

Sample Job Titles
Continuous Improvement Specialist, Cost Engineer, Cost Estimating Engineer, Cost Reduction Engineer, Integrated Logistics Operations Manager, Logistics Engineer, Logistics Engineering Manager, Logistics Planning Engineer, Logistics Research Engineer, Logistics System Engineer, Procurement Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Systems Engineer.