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Analyze and coordinate the logistical functions of a firm or organization. Responsible for the entire life cycle of a product, including acquisition, distribution, internal allocation, delivery, and final disposal of resources.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Dependability
* Attention to Detail
* Initiative
* Cooperation
* Analytical Thinking
* Leadership
* Stress Tolerance
* Self Control
* Persistence

Representative Tasks
* Maintain and develop positive business relationships with a customer's key personnel involved in, or directly relevant to, a logistics activity.
* Develop an understanding of customers' needs and take actions to ensure that such needs are met.
* Manage subcontractor activities, reviewing proposals, developing performance specifications, and serving as liaisons between subcontractors and organizations.


Job Family
Business and Financial Operations

Sample Job Titles
Acquisition Analyst, Automated Logistics Specialist, Client Services Administrator, Demand Planner, Inventory Analyst, Logistician, Logistics Associate, Logistics Coordinator, Logistics Director, Logistics Planner, Logistics Specialist, Logistics Supervisor, Logistics Team Lead, Logistics Team Member, Logistics Technician, Logistics Vice President, Manufacturing Planner, Material Planner, Materials Planner, Operations Vice President, Procurement Analyst, Procurement Specialist, Production Planner, Program Manager, Supervisory Supply Management Specialist, Supply Chain Specialist, Supply Planner, Supply Technician, Supportability Engineer.