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Locomotive Firers

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Locomotive Firers

Monitor locomotive instruments and watch for dragging equipment, obstacles on rights-of-way, and train signals during run. Watch for and relay traffic signals from yard workers to yard engineer in railroad yard.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Attention to Detail
* Stress Tolerance
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Integrity
* Independence
* Self Control
* Persistence
* Initiative
* Cooperation

Representative Tasks
* Observe train signals along routes and verify their meanings for engineers.
* Monitor trains as they go around curves to detect dragging equipment and smoking journal boxes.
* Observe tracks from left sides of locomotives to detect obstructions on tracks.

Transportation and Warehousing

Job Family
Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles
Assistant Engineer, Assistant Passenger Locomotive Engineer, Diesel Locomotive Firer, Diesel Locomotive Firer/Fireman, Dinkey Engine Firer, Dinkey Engine Firer/Fireman, Donkey Engine Firer/Fireman, Electric Locomotive Firer/Fireman, Engineer Assistant, Fireman, Firer, Locomotive Engineer, Locomotive Firer, Locomotive Firer/Fireman, Passenger Locomotive Engineer, Railroad Firer, Railroad Firer/Fireman, Roundhouse Firer/Fireman, Shop Firer/Fireman, Steam Locomotive Firer/Fireman.