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Light Truck or Delivery Services Drivers

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Light Truck or Delivery Services Drivers

Drive a light vehicle, such as a truck or van, with a capacity of less than 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), primarily to deliver or pick up merchandise or to deliver packages. May load and unload vehicle.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Cooperation
* Attention to Detail
* Integrity
* Self Control
* Stress Tolerance
* Concern for Others
* Independence
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Persistence

Representative Tasks
* Obey traffic laws and follow established traffic and transportation procedures.
* Read maps and follow written or verbal geographic directions.
* Load and unload trucks, vans, or automobiles.

Transportation and Warehousing

Job Family
Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles
Baggageman, Bulk Delivery Driver, Car Escort, Deliverer, Delivery Driver, Delivery Person, Directory Carrier, Distributor of Directories, Distributor Operator, Driver, Driver/Merchandiser, Errand Runner, Escort Vehicle Driver, Explosives Truck Driver, Food Service Agent, Food Service Driver, Grocery Worker, Independent Driver, Liquid Fertilizer Servicer, Local Truck Driver, Mail Messenger Contractor, Order Runner, Order Worker, Package Car Driver, Package Delivery Driver, Parcel Post Truck Driver, Parts Driver, Parts Runner, Pharmacy Delivery Driver, Pick Up Driver, Pick Up Truck Driver, Residential Driver, Route Deliverer, Route Delivery Service Driver, Route Driver, Route Rider, Route Supervisor, Routeman, Runner, Service Car Driver, Service Provider, Servicer, Special Delivery Worker, Telephone Directory Distributor Driver, Truck Driver, UPS Driver (United Parcel Service Driver), Van Driver, Wagon Person.