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Insurance Underwriters

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Insurance Underwriters

Review individual applications for insurance to evaluate degree of risk involved and determine acceptance of applications.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Attention to Detail
* Analytical Thinking
* Dependability
* Achievement/Effort
* Cooperation
* Stress Tolerance
* Self Control
* Initiative
* Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks
* Examine documents to determine degree of risk from factors such as applicant health, financial standing and value, and condition of property.
* Write to field representatives, medical personnel, or others to obtain further information, quote rates, or explain company underwriting policies.
* Decline excessive risks.

Finance and Insurance

Job Family
Business and Financial Operations

Sample Job Titles
Account Underwriter, Automobile and Property Underwriter, Bond Underwriter, Commercial Lines Underwriter, Commercial Underwriter, Health Underwriter, Insurance Underwriter, Insurance Writer, Life Underwriter, Marine Underwriter, Personal Lines Underwriter, Property Underwriter, Underwriter, Underwriting Account Representative, Underwriting Consultant, Underwriting Director, Underwriting Manager, Underwriting Service Representative.