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Human Resources Specialists

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Human Resources Specialists

Perform activities in the human resource area. Includes employment specialists who screen, recruit, interview, and place workers.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Cooperation
* Attention to Detail
* Self Control
* Dependability
* Stress Tolerance
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Concern for Others
* Independence
* Social Orientation

Representative Tasks
* Interpret and explain human resources policies, procedures, laws, standards, or regulations.
* Hire employees and process hiring-related paperwork.
* Review employment applications and job orders to match applicants with job requirements.

Administrative and Support Services

Job Family
Business and Financial Operations

Sample Job Titles
Benefits Administrator, Business Agent, Career Development Specialist, Career Specialist, Certification Specialist, Contract Recruiter, Corporate Recruiter, Credentialing Coordinator, Credentialing Specialist, Credentials Specialist, Employee Adviser, Employee Counselor, Employee Health Maintenance Program Specialist, Employee Operations Examiner, Employee Placement Specialist, Employee Service Officer, Employment Advisor, Employment Appeals Examiner, Employment Coach, Employment Consultant, Employment Coordinator, Employment Counselor, Employment Interviewer, Employment Officer, Employment Program Representative, Employment Recruiter, Employment Representative, Employment Security Officer, Employment Service Specialist, Employment Specialist, Enlisted Advisor, Ethics Officer, Executive Coach, Executive Recruiter, Headhunter, HR Advisor (Human Resource Advisor), HR Analyst (Human Resources Analyst), HR Associate (Human Resources Associate), HR Consultant (Human Resources Consultant), HR Coordinator (Human Resources Coordinator), HR Generalist (Human Resources Generalist), HR Recruiter (Human Resources Recruiter), HR Representative (Human Resources Representative), Human Resources Specialist (HR Specialist), Human Resources Technician (HR Technician), Job Counselor, Job Developer, Job Development Specialist, Job Interviewer, Job Placement Officer, Job Placement Specialist, Job Recruiter, Job Service Consultant, Job Service Specialist, Labor Contractor, Labor Service Representative, Labor Services Representative, Morale Officer, Outplacement Consultant, Personnel Adviser, Personnel Analyst, Personnel Consultant, Personnel Coordinator, Personnel Counselor, Personnel Interviewer, Personnel Officer, Personnel Placement Specialist, Personnel Recruiter, Personnel Representative, Personnel Worker, Placement Assistant, Placement Coordinator, Placement Officer, Placement Specialist, Policy Advisor, Policy Officer, Prisoner Classification Interviewer, Recruiter, Recruiting Coordinator, Recruiting Specialist, Recruitment Consultant, Registrar, Resume Writer, Retention Specialist, Retirement Assistant, Retirement Officer, Rules Examiner, Safety Teacher, Selection Specialist, Shop Steward, Staffing Associate, Staffing Consultant, Talent Recruiter, Technical Recruiter, Workforce Services Representative, Workforce Staffing Advisor.