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Provide inpatient care predominantly in settings such as medical wards, acute care units, intensive care units, rehabilitation centers, or emergency rooms. Manage and coordinate patient care throughout treatment.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Concern for Others
* Attention to Detail
* Integrity
* Stress Tolerance
* Cooperation
* Self Control
* Persistence
* Social Orientation
* Analytical Thinking

Representative Tasks
* Diagnose, treat, or provide continuous care to hospital inpatients.
* Prescribe medications or treatment regimens to hospital inpatients.
* Admit patients for hospital stays.


Job Family
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Sample Job Titles
Academic Hospitalist, Associate Chief, Section of Hospital Medicine, Chief of Hospital Medicine, Chief of Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine Director, Hospitalist, Hospitalist Medical Director, Hospitalist Program Director, Inpatient Services Director, Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Medical Director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Hospitalist, Pediatric Hospitalist.