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Fuel Cell Engineers

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Fuel Cell Engineers

Design, evaluate, modify, or construct fuel cell components or systems for transportation, stationary, or portable applications.

Key Competencies
* Analytical Thinking
* Innovation
* Attention to Detail
* Integrity
* Persistence
* Initiative
* Achievement/Effort
* Cooperation
* Dependability
* Independence

Representative Tasks
* Design or implement fuel cell testing or development programs.
* Conduct fuel cell testing projects, using fuel cell test stations, analytical instruments, or electrochemical diagnostics, such as cyclic voltammetry or impedance spectroscopy.
* Write technical reports or proposals related to engineering projects.


Job Family
Architecture and Engineering

Sample Job Titles
Alternative Energy Technician, Battery Technician, Design Cell Engineer, Director, Hydrogen Storage Engineering, Division Director, Engineering Professor, Fuel Cell Battery Technician, Fuel Cell Designer, Fuel Cell Engineer, Fuel Cell Systems Engineer, Fuel Cell Test Engineer, Mobile Battery Technician, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Research Engineer, Scientist/Engineer, Senior Engineer, Senior Research Engineer, Senior Scientist, Senior Stack Engineer, Subsystems Engineer.