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Fire Investigators

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Fire Investigators

Conduct investigations to determine causes of fires and explosions.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Cooperation
* Concern for Others
* Attention to Detail
* Leadership
* Dependability
* Analytical Thinking
* Initiative
* Stress Tolerance

Representative Tasks
* Analyze evidence and other information to determine probable cause of fire or explosion.
* Prepare and maintain reports of investigation results, and records of convicted arsonists and arson suspects.
* Photograph damage and evidence related to causes of fires or explosions to document investigation findings.


Job Family
Protective Service

Sample Job Titles
Arson and Bomb Investigator, Arson Division Chief, Arson Investigator, Canine Handler (K9 Handler), Fire and Explosion Investigator, Fire Investigation Lieutenant, Fire Investigation Manager, Fire Investigator, Fire Lieutenant, Fire Marshal, Investigation Lieutenant, Investigator, Lieutenant, State Fire Marshal.