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Financial Analysts

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Financial Analysts

Conduct quantitative analyses of information affecting investment programs of public or private institutions.

Key Competencies
* Analytical Thinking
* Attention to Detail
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Dependability
* Achievement/Effort
* Stress Tolerance
* Initiative
* Integrity
* Persistence
* Independence

Representative Tasks
* Inform investment decisions by analyzing financial information to forecast business, industry, or economic conditions.
* Evaluate and compare the relative quality of various securities in a given industry.
* Prepare plans of action for investment, using financial analyses.

Finance and Insurance

Job Family
Business and Financial Operations

Sample Job Titles
Accounting Analyst, Alternative Financing Specialist, Analyst, Bank Analyst, Banking Analyst, Bond Analyst, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Commodity Analyst, Corporate Financial Analyst, Corporate Securities Research Analyst, Corporate Statistical Financial Analyst, Credit Products Officer, Energy Efficiency Finance Manager, Equity Research Analyst, Finance Analyst, Financial Analyst, Financial Systems Analyst, Fiscal Analyst, Government Incentives Alternative Financing Specialist, Green Material Value-Added Assessor, Institutional Commodity Analyst, Investment Analyst, Investment Officer, Investments Manager, Investor, Money Manager, Mutual Fund Accountant, Planning Analyst, Portfolio Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Pricing Analyst, Pricing Specialist, Real Estate Analyst, Real Estate Investor, Renewable Energy System Finance Specialist, Securities Analyst, Securities Consultant, Securities Research Analyst, Statistical Financial Analyst, Stock Analyst, Treasury Analyst, Trust Evaluation Supervisor, Trust Officer.