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File Clerks

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File Clerks

File correspondence, cards, invoices, receipts, and other records in alphabetical or numerical order or according to the filing system used. Locate and remove material from file when requested.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Dependability
* Cooperation
* Integrity
* Independence
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Stress Tolerance
* Initiative
* Persistence
* Self Control

Representative Tasks
* Perform general office activities, such as typing, answering telephones, operating office machines, processing mail, or securing confidential materials.
* Scan or read incoming materials to determine how and where they should be classified or filed.
* Sort or classify information according to guidelines, such as content, purpose, user criteria, or chronological, alphabetical, or numerical order.

Health Care and Social Assistance

Job Family
Office and Administrative Support

Sample Job Titles
Admissions Clerk, Blueprint Clerk, Brand Recorder, Card Filer, Claims Clerk, Classification Clerk, Clerk, Computer Aide, Computer Tape Librarian, Credit Card Clerk, Cut File Clerk, Cut Filer, Death Surveys Coder, Document Clerk, Document Coordinator, Document Scanner, Documentation Specialist, Enrollment Clerk, Enrollment Specialist, File Clerk, File Keeper, File Management Clerk, Filer, Filing Clerk, Fingerprint Clerk, History Card Clerk, Human Resources Assistant (HR Assistant), Imaging Clerk, Import Export Clerk, Index Clerk, Indexer, Intelligence Clerk, Invoice Coder, Kardex Clerk, Keyboarding Clerk, Librarian, Line Assigner, Lister, Manufacturing Clerk, Map Clerk, Medical Records Clerk, Medical Records Coder, Morgue Keeper, Morgue Librarian, Office Assistant, Police Records Clerk, Pre Coder, Record Center Specialist, Record Clerk, Record Filing Clerk, Record Keeper, Records Analyst, Records Clerk, Records Custodian, Records Specialist, Records Technician, Support Technician, Tape Librarian.