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Extruding, Forming, Pressing, and Compacting Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

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Extruding, Forming, Pressing, and Compacting Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

Set up, operate, or tend machines, such as glass forming machines, plodder machines, and tuber machines, to shape and form products, such as glassware, food, rubber, soap, brick, tile, clay, wax, tobacco, or cosmetics.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Dependability
* Cooperation
* Initiative
* Self Control
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Integrity
* Independence
* Persistence
* Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks
* Press control buttons to activate machinery and equipment.
* Adjust machine components to regulate speeds, pressures, and temperatures, and amounts, dimensions, and flow of materials or ingredients.
* Monitor machine operations and observe lights and gauges to detect malfunctions.


Job Family

Sample Job Titles
Abrasive Wheel Molder, Acoustical Tile Patternmaker, Air Bag Curer, Alfalfa Dehydrator Operator, Arch Cushion Press Operator, Artificial Log Machine Operator, Automatic Lump Making Machine Tender, Bag Bailer, Bag Builder, Bailer, Bailing Machine Operator, Baler, Baler Operator, Baling Machine Operator, Bark Press Operator, Belt Press Operator, Block Maker, Block Making Machine Operator, Block Press Operator, Blow Molding Machine Operator, Bottle Machine Operator, Bowling Ball Molder, Brick and Tile Making Machine Operator, Brick and Tile Making Machine Set Up Operator, Brick Maker, Brick or Block Maker, Briquette Maker, Briquette Operator, Briquetter Operator, Briquetting Machine Operator, Broom Builder, Broom Bundler, Buckle Frame Shaper, Butt Maker, Cake Former, Cake Press Operator, Calender Operator, Calender Roll Press Operator, Candle Extrusion Machine Operator, Candle Molder, Candy Depositing Machine Operator, Carbon Dioxide Operator, Casting Machine Operator, Casting Operator, Casting Room Operator, Cement Block Maker, Center Machine Operator, Center Machine Set-Up Operator, Chalk Extruding Machine Operator, Chalk Machine Operator, Chalk Molding Machine Operator, Cigar Making Machine Operator, Cigarette Book Maker, Cigarette Filter Making Machine Operator, Cigarette Machine Operator, Cigarette Maker, Cigarette Making Machine Operator, Cigarette Roller, Cigarette Stamper, Cinder Block Maker, Clay Caster, Clay Press Operator, Coater Operator, Combine Operator, Combining Machine Operator, Compacting Machine Operator/Tender, Compress Machine Operator, Compressor, Compressor Operator, Concrete Block Maker, Concrete Block Molder, Concrete Pipe Making Machine Operator, Confectionery Drops Machine Operator, Core Extruder, Core Shaper, Cork Molder, Corn Press Operator, Cosmetics Presser, Cotton Presser, Cracker and Cookie Machine Operator, Crate Opener, Crown Assembly Machine Set-Up Mechanic, Curing Press Operator, Dampener Operator, Dehydrating Press Operator, Die Press Operator, Die Presser, Die Tripper, Dipper, Dipper Machine Operator, Dipping Machine Operator, Divider, Divider Operator, Dividing Machine Operator, Domer, Drawbench Operator, Drawing Kiln Operator, Drawing Machine Operator, Dry Press Operator, Electronic Gluing Machine Operator, Extracting Machine Operator, Extruder Operator, Extruder Tender, Extruder/Operator, Extruding Machine Operator/Setter/Tender, Extruding Press Operator, Extrusion Machine Operator, Extrusion Operator, Extrusion Press Operator, Fiberglass Dowel Drawing Machine Operator, Fiberglass Luggage Molder, Finishing Area Operator, Flakeboard Line Tender, Flaking Roll Operator, Flatware Maker, Floor Molder, Flower Pot Press Operator, Foam Rubber Molder, Foil Operator, Foiling Machine Operator, Forming Machine Tender, Forming Machine Upkeep Mechanic, Fruit Press Operator, Glass Bulb Machine Adjuster, Glass Forming Crew Member, Glass Ribbon Machine Operator, Glass Ribbon Machine Operator Assistant, Glass Rolling Machine Operator, Gluing Machine Operator, Gold Leaf Roller, Golf Ball Molder, Graining Press Operator, Hardboard Press Operator, Hot Box Operator, Hot Plate Press Operator, Hot Press Operator, Hydraulic Billet Maker, Hydraulic Press Operator, Insulation Board Coater Operator, Job Change Crew Member, Job Molder, Jordan Man, Jordan Worker, Laminating Machine Operator, Laminating Machine Tender, Laminator, Lap Machine Tender, Lead Former, Lead Press Operator, Lens Molding Equipment Operator, Light Bulb Assembler, Lozenge Maker, Lump Machine Operator, Lump Maker, Lump Roller, Machine Candle Molder, Machine Chocolate Molder, Machine Joiner Cementer, Machine Molder, Machine Operator, Manual Control Auger Press Operator, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Marble Machine Tender, Mat Puncher, Matting Press Tender, Meat Press Operator, Metal Baler, Mica Plate Layer, Molder Machine Tender, Molding Machine Operator, Molding Press Operator, Necker, Noodle Catalyst Maker, Nozzle Operator, Operator, Pan Pusher, Pan Shover, Pan Tank Worker, Paper Baler, Paper Baling Machine Operator, Paper Bundler, Paper Cone Machine Tender, Paper Cup Machine Operator, Pellet Machine Operator, Pellet Mill Operator, Pellet Press Operator, Pilling Machine Operator, Plate Molder, Plate Worker, Plodder Operator, Plodding Machine Operator, Plodding Operator, Polystyrene Bead Molder, Polystyrene Molding Machine Tender, Precast Molder, Press Loader, Press Machine Feeder, Press Machine Operator, Press Operator, Press Tender, Presser, Presto Log Operator, Pretzel Twisting Machine Operator, Printed Circuit Boards Laminator, Production Operator, Pulp Machine Operator, Pulp Press Tender, Pump Press Operator, Pyrotechnics Press Tender, Ram Press Operator, Ram-Press Operator, Rebrander, Record Maker, Record Press Operator, Record Press Tender, Record Pressman, Retort or Condenser Press Operator, Retort Press Operator, Roller, Rolling Machine Operator, Rubber Mill Operator, Rubber Mold Maker, Rubber Press Tender, Rubber Tubing Splicer, Sandwich Machine Operator, Scrap Baler, Screen Handler, Sectional Belt-Mold Assembler, Sizing Machine Operator, Slug Press Operator, Sole Conforming Machine Operator, Spinner, Sponge Press Operator, Stamper, Steam Press Operator, Steam Press Tender, Steam Presser, Steeping Press Operator, Steeping Press Tender, Stem Crusher, Stem Roller, Stem Roller Operator, Stem Roller or Crusher Operator, Stringing Machine Operator, Sucker Machine Operator, Sugar Presser, Sweet Goods Machine Operator, Synthetic Gem Press Operator, Tablet Machine Operator, Tankage Grinder, Tankman, Thermal Molder, Tile Presser, Tray Casting Machine Operator, Tube Building Machine Operator, Tuber Machine Operator, Tuber Operator, Tubular Stock Glass Bulb Machine Former, Turning and Beading Machine Operator, Upkeep Mechanic, V-Belt Curer, Vulcanized Fiber Unit Operator, Vulcanizing Press Operator, Wad Compressor Operator-Adjuster, Wax Molder, Wet Machine Operator, Wet Machine Tender, Wet Press Tender, Wind Up Operator, Wink Cutter Operator, Wood Fuel Pelletizer, Yardage Control Operator, Yardage Control Operator, Forming.