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Extraction Workers, All Other

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Extraction Workers, All Other

All extraction workers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks

Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction

Job Family
Construction and Extraction

Sample Job Titles
Acidizer, Air Pumper, Back Hand, Bagger, Battery Charger, Battery Starter, Bog Cutter, Bog Worker, Bone Picker, Boom Operator, Boom Tender, Boomer, Bottom Cager, Bottomer, Box Loader, Cager, Car Blocker, Car Filler, Carman, Caser, Casing Crew, Casing Man, Casing Worker, Cement Gun Operator, Cementer, Chute Operator, Chute Puller, Chute Tapper, Clay Digger, Coal Cager, Coal Digger, Coal Getter, Coal Loader, Coal Picker, Company Laborer, Crusher Setter, Digging Machine Operator, Dirt Shoveler, Drainman, Duck Bill Operator, Duck Operator, Dumper Bailer Operator, Excavating Machine Operator, Excavator Operator, Extra, Flagman, Flame Channeler, Floorhand, Floorperson, Foot Worker, Gold Prospector, Grizzlyman, Ground Worker, Groundman, Hammerman, Hand, Handyman, Harvester Operator, Jack Setter, Joy Loader, Joy Loading Machine Operator, Joy Operator, Laborer, Lamp Mechanic, Lampman, Lightman, Mine Laborer, Muck Operator, Mucker Operator, Mucking Machine Operator, Nozzleman, Oil Field Caser, Oil Field Worker, Ore Digger, Outside Laborer, Pan Operator, Placer Miner, Plateman, Platform Man, Platform Worker, Plugger Man, Plugger Worker, Pneumatic Jack Operator, Prop Drawer, Prop Setter, Prospector, Puffer, Puffer Tender, Quarry Extraction Worker, Quarry Worker, Quarryman, Relief Man, Rig Operator, Road Cleaner, Roadman, Rock Dust Sprayer, Roustabout, Safety Lamp Keeper, Sand Digger, Sand Filler, Sand Screener, Sand Shoveler, Sandfill Operator, Scraper, Second Worker, Section Hand, Shaft Headman, Shaft Mechanic, Shaft Repairer, Shaft Tender, Shield Runner, Shore Man, Shore Worker, Signaler, Slate Handler, Slate Picker, Sluice Tender, Spragger, Sprinkler, Steel Worker, Stoneman, Stripper, Tailings Dam Laborer, Timber Robber, Top Cager, Top Loader, Utility Worker, Wasteman, Yard Laborer, Yardman.