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Prepare bodies for interment in conformity with legal requirements.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Dependability
* Attention to Detail
* Concern for Others
* Stress Tolerance
* Cooperation
* Initiative
* Independence
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks
* Conform to laws of health and sanitation and ensure that legal requirements concerning embalming are met.
* Close incisions, using needles and sutures.
* Wash and dry bodies, using germicidal soap and towels or hot air dryers.

Other Services [Except Public Administration]

Job Family
Personal Care and Service

Sample Job Titles
Anatomical Embalmer, Apprentice Embalmer, Arterial Embalmer, Assistant Manager/Embalmer, Associate Embalmer/Funeral Director, Chief Embalmer, Embalmer, Embalmer Apprentice, Embalmer/Funeral Director, Embalmer/Funeral Director Care Center Manager, Funeral Director/Embalmer, Funeral Director/Embalmer/Owner, Funeral Service Licensee, Funeral Service Practitioner/Embalmer, Licensed Embalmer, Licensed Embalmer Supervisor, Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer, Manager, Embalmer, Funeral Director, Prep Room Supervisor, Preparation Room Manager, Restorative Art Embalmer, Supervisor and Licensed Embalmer and Crematory Operator, Trade Embalmer.