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Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs

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Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs

Determine eligibility of persons applying to receive assistance from government programs and agency resources, such as welfare, unemployment benefits, social security, and public housing.

Key Competencies
* Stress Tolerance
* Self Control
* Integrity
* Concern for Others
* Dependability
* Attention to Detail
* Cooperation
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Independence
* Social Orientation

Representative Tasks
* Interpret and explain information such as eligibility requirements, application details, payment methods, and applicants' legal rights.
* Answer applicants' questions about benefits and claim procedures.
* Interview benefits recipients at specified intervals to certify their eligibility for continuing benefits.


Job Family
Office and Administrative Support

Sample Job Titles
Authorization Specialist, Business Employment Specialist, Career Consultant, Case Coordinator, Case Manager, Case Technician, Cash Application Clerk, Client Services Representative, Contact Agent, Contact Officer, Contact Representative, Disability Coordinator, Disability Specialist, Eligibility and Occupancy Interviewer, Eligibility Clerk, Eligibility Examiner, Eligibility Services Representative, Eligibility Specialist, Eligibility Technician, Employment Adjudicator, Employment and Claims Aide, Employment Specialist, Enrollment Coordinator, Enrollment Counselor, Enrollment Provider, Enrollment Services Specialist, Enrollment Specialist, Family Independence Case Manager, Fraud Representative, Grant Manager, Grant Officer, Grants Administrator, Housing Counselor, Housing Specialist, Intake Clerk, Job Service Consultant, Licensed Social Worker, Medicaid Analyst, Medicare Interviewer, Patient Resources and Reimbursement Agent, Patient Services Assistant, Placement Secretary, Program Eligibility Specialist, Public Housing Interviewer, Rehabilitation Clerk, Rehabilitation Inspector, Social Security Benefits Interviewer, Tenant Selector, Transition Specialist, Unemployment Benefits Claims Taker, Unemployment Examiner, Unemployment Inspector, Veterans Employment Representative, Welfare Eligibility Interviewer, Welfare Eligibility Worker, Welfare Interviewer, Work Force Advisor, Workforce Development Specialist, Workforce Services Representative (WSR).