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Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education

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Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education

Teach students basic academic, social, and other formative skills in public or private schools at the elementary level.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Concern for Others
* Self Control
* Integrity
* Initiative
* Stress Tolerance
* Cooperation
* Persistence
* Leadership

Representative Tasks
* Instruct students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods, such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.
* Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests.
* Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among the students for whom they are responsible.

Educational Services

Job Family
Education, Training, and Library

Sample Job Titles
Art Educator, Art Instructor, Art Teacher, Band Director, Band Teacher, Bilingual Instructor, Bilingual Teacher, Choir Teacher, Classroom Teacher, Educator, Elementary Art Teacher, Elementary Classroom Teacher, Elementary Education Teacher, Elementary School Band Director, Elementary School Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Fifth Grade Teacher, First Grade Teacher, Fourth Grade Mathematics Teacher, General Education Teacher, Grade School Teacher, Grades One Through 6 Visiting Teacher, Grades One Through Five Teacher, Grades One Through Six Home Teacher, Gym Teacher, Gymnastic Teacher, Language Instructor, Mathematics Teacher (Math Teacher), Montessori Teacher, Music Instructor, Music Teacher, Orchestra Teacher, Physical Education Teacher (PE Teacher), Physical Fitness Teacher, Primary Teacher, Resource Teacher, Second Grade Teacher, Sixth Grade Teacher, Student Teacher, Teacher, Third Grade Reading Teacher, Title I Reading Teacher.