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Cytogenetic Technologists

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Cytogenetic Technologists

Analyze chromosomes found in biological specimens such as amniotic fluids, bone marrow, and blood to aid in the study, diagnosis, or treatment of genetic diseases.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Dependability
* Integrity
* Stress Tolerance
* Cooperation
* Self Control
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Achievement/Effort
* Analytical Thinking
* Persistence

Representative Tasks
* Arrange and attach chromosomes in numbered pairs on karyotype charts, using standard genetics laboratory practices and nomenclature, to identify normal or abnormal chromosomes.
* Count numbers of chromosomes and identify the structural abnormalities by viewing culture slides through microscopes, light microscopes, or photomicroscopes.
* Analyze chromosomes found in biological specimens to aid diagnoses and treatments for genetic diseases such as congenital birth defects, fertility problems, and hematological disorders.


Job Family
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Sample Job Titles
Cardiovascular Laboratory Specialist, Clinical Cytogeneticist Scientist (CCS), Clinical Laboratory Specialist in Cytogenetics (CLSp(CG)), Cytogenetic Technician, Cytogenetic Technologist, Cytogenetics Laboratory Manager (Cytogenetics Lab Manager), Cytogenetics Technologist, Cytologist, Genetic Technologist, Head of Cytogenetics, Laboratory Specialist (Lab Specialist), Laboratory Technologist (Lab Technologist), Lead Cytogenetic Technologist, Lead Technologist in Cytogenetics, Medical Laboratory Specialist (Medical Lab Specialist), Research Laboratory Specialist (Research Lab Specialist), Senior Cytogenetic Technologist, Senior Cytogenetics Laboratory Director, Technical Specialist, Cytogenetics.