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Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmers, Metal and Plastic

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Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmers, Metal and Plastic

Develop programs to control machining or processing of metal or plastic parts by automatic machine tools, equipment, or systems.

Key Competencies
* Attention to Detail
* Independence
* Analytical Thinking
* Dependability
* Integrity
* Achievement/Effort
* Persistence
* Cooperation
* Self Control
* Initiative

Representative Tasks
* Analyze job orders, drawings, blueprints, specifications, printed circuit board pattern films, and design data to calculate dimensions, tool selection, machine speeds, and feed rates.
* Determine the sequence of machine operations, and select the proper cutting tools needed to machine workpieces into the desired shapes.
* Write programs in the language of a machine's controller and store programs on media such as punch tapes, magnetic tapes, or disks.


Job Family

Sample Job Titles
Applications Engineer, CAD CAM Programmer (Computer-Aided Design Computer-Aided Manufacturing Programmer), Computer Numerical Control Machine Operator (CNC Machine Operator), Computer Numerical Control Machining Center Operator (CNC Machining Center Operator), Computer Numerical Control Machinist (CNC Machinist), Computer Numerical Control Operator (CNC Operator), Computer Numerical Control Process Control Programmer (CNC Process Control Programmer), Computer Numerical Control Programmer (CNC Programmer), Machine Operator, Machine Shop Lead Man, Machining Manager, Metal Numerical Control Programmer, Metal Numerical Tool Programmer, Numerical Control Nesting Operator (NC Nesting Operator), Numerical Control Programmer (NC Programmer), Numerical Control Tool Programmer (NC Tool Programmer), Numerical Tool Programmer, Plastic Numerical Tool and Process Control Programmer, Process Control Programmer, Process Engineer, Programmer, Sheet Metal Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Programmer, Sheet Metal Computer Numerically Controlled Programmer.