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Compensation and Benefits Managers

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Compensation and Benefits Managers

Plan, direct, or coordinate compensation and benefits activities of an organization.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Attention to Detail
* Analytical Thinking
* Dependability
* Initiative
* Self Control
* Stress Tolerance
* Leadership
* Cooperation
* Concern for Others

Representative Tasks
* Design, evaluate and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current, competitive, and in compliance with legal requirements.
* Administer, direct, and review employee benefit programs, including the integration of benefit programs following mergers and acquisitions.
* Analyze compensation policies, government regulations, and prevailing wage rates to develop competitive compensation plan.

Management of Companies and Enterprises

Job Family

Sample Job Titles
Account Manager, Benefit Director, Benefits Administrator, Benefits Advisor, Benefits Coordinator, Benefits Director, Benefits Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Compensation Director, Compensation Manager, Compensation Vice President, Employee Benefits Coordinator, Employee Benefits Director, Employee Benefits Manager, Employment Advisor, Field Advisor, Field Reimbursement Manager, Job Analysis Manager, Payroll Manager, Personnel Manager, Position Classification Manager, Reimbursement Manager, Wage and Salary Administrator.