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Commercial Divers

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Commercial Divers

Work below surface of water, using scuba gear to inspect, repair, remove, or install equipment and structures. May use a variety of power and hand tools, such as drills, sledgehammers, torches, and welding equipment. May conduct tests or experiments, rig explosives, or photograph structures or marine life.

Key Competencies
* Dependability
* Attention to Detail
* Stress Tolerance
* Persistence
* Integrity
* Adaptability/Flexibility
* Self Control
* Initiative
* Cooperation
* Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks
* Take appropriate safety precautions, such as monitoring dive lengths and depths and registering with authorities before diving expeditions begin.
* Check and maintain diving equipment, such as helmets, masks, air tanks, harnesses, or gauges.
* Communicate with workers on the surface while underwater, using signal lines or telephones.


Job Family
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Sample Job Titles
Aquarium Diver, Commercial Diver, Deep Sea Diver, Dive Superintendent, Dive Supervisor, Dive Tender, Divemaster, Diver, Diver Tender, Diving Supervisor, Hard Hat Diver, Marine Diver, Navy Diver, Non Destructive Testing Under Water Welder (NDT U/W Welder), Non Destructive Testing Underwater Welder (NDT U/W Welder), Plongeur, Salvage Diver, Scuba Diver, Skin Diver, Submarine Diver, Tender, Under Water Assistant (U/W Assistant), Underwater Welder.