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Animal Scientists

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Animal Scientists

Conduct research in the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and development of domestic farm animals.

Key Competencies
* Integrity
* Attention to Detail
* Dependability
* Analytical Thinking
* Initiative
* Achievement/Effort
* Innovation
* Persistence
* Independence
* Leadership

Representative Tasks
* Study nutritional requirements of animals and nutritive values of animal feed materials.
* Advise producers about improved products and techniques that could enhance their animal production efforts.
* Develop improved practices in feeding, housing, sanitation, or parasite and disease control of animals.

Educational Services

Job Family
Life, Physical, and Social Science

Sample Job Titles
Animal Anatomist, Animal Behaviorist, Animal Biologist, Animal Breeder, Animal Geneticist, Animal Husbandman, Animal Nutrition Consultant, Animal Nutritionist, Animal Scientist, Bacteriologist, Beef Cattle Specialist, Behaviorist, Dairy Bacteriologist, Dairy Husbandman, Dairy Nutrition Consultant, Dairy Nutrition Specialist, Dairy Scientist, Nutrition Partner, Nutritionist, Poultry Husbandman, Poultry Scientist, Research and Development Director (R&D Director), Research and Development Researcher (R&D Researcher), Research Center Partner, Research Nutritionist, Research Scientist, Sericulturist, Swine Extension Field Specialist, Swine Nutritionist, Swine Specialist.