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Agricultural Workers, All Other

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Agricultural Workers, All Other

All agricultural workers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting

Job Family
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

Sample Job Titles
Agriculture Worker, Bark Spudder, Billet Cutter, Brush Clearing Laborer, Brush Cutter, Brusher, Cant Hooker, Canter, Carbider, Cat Swamper, Catcher, Chainer, Choke Setter, Choker, Choker Hooker, Chopper, Chore Worker, Chute Feeder, Chute Greaser, Climber, Crane Chaser, Crane Follower, Crane Hooker, Cream Dumper, Crop Scout, Cross Tie Cutter, Crosscutter, Cut Off Worker, Cutter, Dam Operator, Dam Tender, Delivery Driver, Derrick Follower, Disease and Insect Control Field Inspector, Dogger, Driver, Drum Puller, Expedition Supervisor, Feed Mixer, Feeder, Forestry Hunter, Forestry Workers, Gopher, Gopherman, Grab Driver, Grab Hooker, Grab Jack Worker, Grab Setter, Grappler, Ground Worker, Gutterman, Irrigation Worker, Laborer, Landscape and Yardwork Laborer, Lint Cleaner, Livestock Exhibitor, Livestock Showman, Mule Rider, Predatory Animal Exterminator, Predatory Animal Hunter, Predatory Animal Trapper, Predatory Game Hunter, Predatory Hunter, Puller, Pulp Piler, Rider, River Driver, River Rat, Riverman, Road Builder, Road Monkey, Scalper, Scout, Seafood Harvester, Shake Cutter, Signaler, Skid Adzer, Skid Road Worker, Skidder, Skidway Worker, Skinner, Slackman, Slipper, Sniper, Snubber, Splitter, Spool Tender, Spudder, Squirrel Worker, Stave Block Roller, Stave Block Splitter, Stock Cutter, Straw Boss, Stull Hewer, Stumper, Swamper, Tailer In, Tanbark Laborer, Tie Bucker, Tie Carrier, Tie Cutter, Tie Hacker, Tie Sawyer, Trailer, Waterman, Weed Inspector, Whistler, Worm Picker, Yard Laborer, Yardman.